Your Smoking Cessation Center

Where Smoking All Starts

The tobacco plant If you were to directly inject nicotine, the drug in the tobacco plant(nicotiana), it would instantly kill you.  The close cousin of the tobacco plant, the nightshade plant(hyoscyamus niger, is a deadly poison.  Not many insects can use the tobacco plant for food, they all have died trying, until they came up… Continue Reading

The Lies of Smokers

Improve your Health, your cash flow, and your general outlook on life!  Smoking contributes to a lifestyle where you are not in control.  The most powerful thing you can do is take back control!  You can do it! Smoking Propaganda Hilter said famously, that if you feed the people a lie, and repeat the lie,… Continue Reading

Tricks to Quit Smoking

1.  Throw Your Cigarettes Away, you are More Powerful! 2.  Make Friends with Gum-I know its not the same, but chewing the stuff can get you over some big triggers 3. Cold Turkey is best.  If you remember that Nicotine only stays in your body for two weeks, and will bring you physical challenges for… Continue Reading

Find a Focus to Your Quit

You are just as capable as any scientist or doctor to cure your smoking habit. Should you believe you will do it, and that it is possible, not one hurdle will stop you from bringing this to life. You have to believe in the event.  Your new life must have a firm foundation, or your… Continue Reading

Zebras do not get Ulcers

I love Robert M. Sapolsky’s book, “Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers”.  It is a great read, that brings up a new and innovative way to diagnose stress, and evolve yourself into reality.  The basic premise of the book is, in nature, there is stress.  Like a zebra pack who lives near lions.   They have the stress… Continue Reading

Quit Smoking Excuse #6

Excuse #6: Smoking Calms me Down I have a lot of stress and anxiety in my life, smoking calms me down This is your nicotine brain talking here, and it is betraying you more than you know.  Your smoking is causing a biochemical reaction in your body, that is out of whack with normal levels… Continue Reading

Imagine your life smoke free! Excuse #5

It will be better than you ever would have thought! Here are some great excuse beaters to help you move towards being an EX-Smoker! • Smoking is my friend Some friend indeed!  If you thought about the chemicals and toxins that are in each cigarette, you would quit immediately.  Even with the constant addiction that nicotine processes in… Continue Reading

Excuse of Tragic Times

I just have to get through this bad time to quit, not today The longer you wait, the harder it will be.  If you continue to adapt with bad days, problems, and horrific events with a smoke, you will be further from resolving many problems, moving yourself further into a positive world, and a great… Continue Reading

Quit Smoking Excuse #3

I enjoy smoking so much, I don’t want to give up my one pleasure Ok, so you will allow yourself to believe smoking is a joyful experience, instead of a great steak dinner, a walk on the beach with your wife, dancing with your daughter on her wedding day, a cruise to Alaska in your… Continue Reading

Excuse #2 To Stay Smoking

There are lots of old people who still smoke This is an excuse full of false hopes and dreams.  Do you really think that there are lots of older people who still smoke a pack a day?  The simple fact is, they did smoke, but maybe one cigarette in a week, not a pack a… Continue Reading