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Your New Life Ahead!

Becoming a Non-smoker is more than just quitting smoking. If it was just tossing your cigarettes or pipe into the garbage, your quit would be automatic.  Unfortunately, you can not just decide to quit, and expect all the smoking garbage to stay in the garbage.  It is a true new life initiative, and requires your best effort.  Your quit evolves each day, and to be successful it needs to be a process, or a true new life.

Find your New Life and Adopt It

Beginning any new project or objective is rough.  It takes some trial and error, and you need to be very kind to yourself, and let it grow on you.  Eventually, the newness wears off, and you become an expert.  There is one day, where your new project is now yours, and you are actually able to reinvent what the experts have told you.

You are ready to move from novice to expert, and you love talking to everyone about it.  It has happened, you have adopted your new lifestyle, and it is fully integrated into who you are.  This is a tricky process, and sometimes it does not happen for a long time.  If you have tried to quit, and failed many times, I want to ensure that you keep trying.  You just have not found the reason that you and you alone continue to smoke.

If you are looking for a quick fix, it will not be that easy.  I wish I had a magic switch I could turn off for you.  And take you back to your non-smoking days.  But, to be honest, would you be better off?  Probably not!  It needs to be thought of realistically, and take the lessons learned from smoking, and use them in other parts of your life.  The fact you were smoking means you are supposed to learn something from this life.  What benefit would it do you to have total amnesia?

Take the lessons learned, and objectively analyze every emotion, thought and pattern.  Take your time to fully love and support your quit.  It is a bit like a tiny baby right now, it needs to be cared for, fed every few hours, and put to bed once and awhile while you recover from the smoking brain corruption.

If you find the solution for you, share it with us all.  It is important that you bring your efforts forward, and let other know what worked for you.  Often, it not something you can really pin on the wall.  It is more a movement, and a full realization that your new life is beginning.

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