Your Smoking Cessation Center

Smoking The Entire Cigarette

When you are smoking, you often drift off into thought.  It is easy to do, as the act of smoking really is simple and easy.  You do not really think about what is occurring during the act of smoking, you just do it.  It is not a relief until you get the first drag.  So, why is it that you continue to smoke the entire cigarette?

Unsure why, but the nicotine you need to feed your nicotine addiction, is actually really small.  The rest of the cigarette is really there for your smoking brain, and all the excuses you build upon.  When you think about it, it is kind of like a donut hole.  Sometimes, all you need is the small donut hole.

I am not saying you should skimp on your cigs, but more so, just giving you some objective perspective.  The fact that the cigarette is longer than it needs to be, is just one of those propaganda moves by the cigarette companies.  It keeps you smoking longer, and even when your nicotine addiction is fulfilled, you still feel like you need to finish the cigarette.  It is your smoking brain at work.

When you decide you are really ready to quit, I do not want you to change any of the long standing traditions you have with your smoking.  You should smoke just as you always have.  Do not make cigarettes any more powerful than they already are.  Just understand, the nicotine addiction, though powerful and strong, is nothing in comparison to your smoking brain’s excuses and reasons.

Break Through Moments

When you are really ready for your smoking time to end, be sure to monitor your existing smoking with an objective mind.  There should be no momentum other than your complete revision of yourself.  In this manner, you are watching yourself, almost from a scientific point of view, when you smoke and when you are not.  The observation period is different for everyone, but if you really are in the moment, and not lost in your thoughts, you will realize that being on auto-pilot, you are not really needing your smoke.  You are thinking you do, but really, you already achieved the nicotine fit fulfillment.  Your mind is still catching up.

It would be like, if you were hypnotized, to believe you smoked already, would you really have a craving?  Maybe not.  Most smokers, hit their nicotine happy limit early in the day.  They need cigarettes only for the fact that their smoking brain tells them so.

What are your reflections in your observational point of view?   Have you tried this method, and found it to be worth-while?  Others who will follow in your footsteps, need your help, so be sure to leave a comment!

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