Your Smoking Cessation Center

Quit Smoking Pledge

Your printed resolution will be your testament to yourself. Read through the document below, print and sign it.

Resolution: On this date_______________ I will Quit smoking forever!
My motivation for quitting is:
and it is important that I share this resolution with friends, family and co-workers, so that I can bring myself into a powerful circle of support.
I will rely on them for my constant need for will power
and complete surrender to this new life I have chosen.

I will do the following:
1.  Throw out my cigarettes, and all smoking devices today.
2.  Open my mind to new and innovative ways to empower myself to quit.
3.   Build a stress ball from a balloon filled with baking soda, and carry it with me when I become nervous or fidget.
4. Remember my motivations to quit, as they are more powerful than any other tool.

With full will power and support:________________________________________________________________