Your Smoking Cessation Center

What are your reasons for Quitting?

You might have decided to quit for your family, a workplace requirement, or the fact that your doctor suggested it.  Stop!  If you are not quitting for yourself, you are making a error in judgment.  While these are all great and fantastic reasons to quit, you cannot quit unless you are doing it for yourself.  This is no time for being a martyr, you need help, and you need it fast.  Do this, think of the ways you can improve yourself, if you do not have this crutch, this possible issue, reoccurring over and over again.

So, do this for you.  Make a list of things you can do, without your smoking being in the way of your life.  Do not just think of them, write them down.  Put them on a post-it, a scrap of paper, whatever!  Write down your next steps in life, the things you never would have done, but would want to do, if you were not smoking.  Maybe you love fashion, and would love to have a new pair of shoes or a jacket.  Take this further, maybe you want to design shoes for others to marvel at.  Get the drift? Maybe you love fast cars, and you would like to rent a racetrack for a day.  This could grow into a bigger chance for you, racing cars!  What else have you not done?  Maybe you have always wanted to travel to Europe, but were unsure of the time you would need to spend in the air.  Whatever it is, you have always wanted to do!  Start your own business, learn a new trade, start a family.  The sky is the limit.  Do this for you, and you will never have to make excuses for the ones you love.

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