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Quit Smoking Stress

The most stressful part to your quit smoking plan, is the decision to quit.  The step is very much a scary and large stress filled component of your quit.  No matter how hard you have had to envision yourself as a non-smoker, the smoker in you is really hell bent on staying afraid, and the fear is the stress that creates more anxiety and pain than any other emotion for a smoker.

Stress can be Used In Your Quit Smoking Pledge

As crazy as it sounds, the more you are running from the quit, the more you are going to succeed.  Your quit will be unlike any other smoker’s quit, so make no comparisons.  The best thing you can do is envision your quit, and let the fear float around you, with the cloud that it produces, and all the questions that it creates.  Your anxiety and stress comes from the fact that you may not have the crutch that has been your stronghold for so long.  The living you have had with your cigarette is not actually really living, but it is the decision to include your cigarette.   When you separate your cigarette from your life in this way, you are on your way to fully proceeding with your quit.

Smoking is an evil addiction that takes your body over with nicotine, and your brain over with propaganda and stories from marketing and cigarette manufacturers.   They create the most beautiful drama in your mind, that creates an even more powerful story about why you must smoke.  The most amazing thing is, it is different for each and every smoker, and the story is always something very unconscious that you as a smoker build in your mind.  The most amazing part to the process is, that it is created by your brain with the help of the nicotine and the final straw is the propaganda that you have been used to hearing from advertising and other smokers who have been led astray.


When you realize that the story you have growing in your mind is really only a creation and not a reality, it is easier to envision a smoke free life.

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