Your Smoking Cessation Center

Quit Smoking Forever

You have finally decided to quit!

All I can say is WOW!  Deciding to Quit is the hardest step.  You have built a huge stockade of reasons over the years to keep smoking.  All your smoking days have been built in your mind as the reasons you must keep smoking.  The very fact that you have broken through to actually make this decision is a huge accomplishment.  It is the best decision you can make!

You are a non-smoker, you just have not yet acted like it.  If you have made the decision to quit, and to take your life back, you are really close to being the non-smoker you know you really are.

But, what if you have yet to decide.  What if you are not sure that you can quit.  You are not convinced, and you have yet to decide.  I am here to tell you, you can be like your friend, and quit for sure.  Many people have done it, and done it with the strength of their convictions and the power of just making this difficult decision.

Everyone is different.  That is what makes the world a great place to live, and be apart of.  For this reason, we all have a different reason to quit, and a reason to finally decide we are in fact a non-smoker.

For some, the reason is they just have been tired of being a victim, and want to finally let go of all the guilt they feel as a smoker.  There are so many pressures put on smokers today.  They are getting the message over, and over and over again!  It is being thrown at you every day, and they come up with almost mean ways to scare you into quitting.

This does not work.  All those terrible images of smokers with cancer, and mouth cancer and lungs being crispy black do not work.   It only makes you want that precious cigarette even more.

So, what does work?

The truth is, you have to really want to quit.  You have to decide, and decide that you are really ready to quit.

This decision is so powerful.  You are ready to take on the addiction at this evil end, and let the cravings get to you for a little while.  You have decided that the addiction is really not worth your time any more.  You are more powerful than any stupid cigarette.  After all, you are sure you are going to succeed.

Once you have your reason, your strong and gentle strength to beat this addiction, you are halfway there!  It is a really great feeling!  Find your quit, and let everyone know that you are going to quit, and you have decided it is going to happen.  You have the power to make it happen.

Now, once you have the quit ready to go, slow down cowboy.  Take some time and let yourself smoke like mad.  This seems really stupid, but you need to let yourself smoke until you have reached your perfect non-smoking strength.

How?  Well, you need to smoke to keep that cigarette from becoming more precious than anything else in the world.  Cutting back does not work.  Smoke and smoke and smoke some more!

Now, tear down all the idiotic marketing that has you convinced about Cigarettes, Cigars or any nicotine craving you and making you feel one way or another.  All the foolish ideas you have about nicotine are pretty much untrue.  You are really not losing anything, you are gaining everything by not smoking!

Your quit is resolved, now tear down all the excuses, one by one, because they just are not true.

You know them, you will gain weight, you will feel unhappy, you have fun smoking, you feel calmer, you think clearly smoking, you have a more peaceful life smoking….whatever!  These are all untrue!

You simply can not and will not be happy as a smoker.  You are an outsider to today’s society and culture as a smoker.  Everyone is evolving away from this bad practice, and you do not have to be a victim of the nicotine monster any longer.

Once you believe you are ready to quit, and you know you are, and cigarettes are not precious to you any longer, you can tackle each one of your excuses that kept you smoking.

Many people allow themselves years to evolve into this new person.  It is a new mindset.  So, let go.  Be patient.  Let yourself win this time.  Find the strength to decide to quit.  And, let yourself tear down the reasons you smoked all those years.

You can do it.

I know you can!