Your Smoking Cessation Center

Quit Smoking Aids and Patches

You can lock up a pack of cigarettes in a safe, and ask someone to change the combination, buy some nicotine gum, get a prescription from your doctor for some medicine, or patch your arm each time you feel a craving, but you are only covering up a gaping open wound.  Your smoking brain will be creating excuses, reasons, and rational reasons to try to get back into the game, but do not let it win!

The worst thing you can do is try to just replace your cigarettes with some other kind of nicotine.  Hands down, as long as you are tied to nicotine, you are not going to be a happy soul.  It is a mean and evil slave driver, and will keep you busy with smoke-free nicotine, cigars or any kind of nicotine gum.  It is not a friend, it is a fiend.

I do think that the prescription path is a good one at the beginning of your new non-smoking life, and it will help you tremendously at the beginning, but, it will need to end.  What will do you do once you are off the medicine?  How will you deal with your smoking brain and all of its propaganda.  That is the real evil part to nicotine, it drives you to addiction, but it also keeps you chained to its thought of having to excuse its bad behavior.

Often, smokers have intricate lies and excuses about their smoking.  You can remember a few I am sure!  The biggest, by far, is that you enjoy smoking.  What the heck, how could you really enjoy it?  It is not a truly enjoyable activity, it is an addiction.  The addiction and constant need to fulfill the addiction is the thing that you enjoy-the fact that you are getting it off your back, time and time again.

WOW!  If you do not have to feed the addiction, you can break this chain, and toss the cigs into the toilet.  They are not your enjoyment, only your pain, as you are not in control of them, they have been in control of your life for so long.

To beat this thing, you have to beat every single lie and excuse your smoking brain created, and tear each one down.  It is really important to understand yourself, from an observational point of view.  Do this, and you will beat this thing, cold turkey or with a prescription.

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