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Smoking Cessation Begins with a New Life

The family that I belong to always was a smoking family, and it is not uncommon for us to remember the days fondly before smoking cessation.  The group of us that believed in a smoke free life grew slowly, but now we are all smoke free!  I am so proud of the fact that we made it to our smoking cessation goals.

Steps towards Smoking Cessation

The only way to begin a smoking cessation program is to actually want to begin your life again.  You were not born a smoker, you were just in practice smoking, and need to return back to your natural state of enjoying life.  Without the nicotine monkey on your back, your life will begin again, and you will find your smoking cessation is successful.

The Steps To Quitting Smoking Begins with Smoking Cessation

Nicotine is the chemical that keeps you smoking, so removing this chemical from your daily life is important to create successful smoking cessation.  Once you stop your smoking, you will find the first two weeks difficult, but possible if you have the right mind set.

The second step to smoking cessation is to believe and know in your heart that you will not lose anything by embracing smoking cessation.  If you believe that the statement above is not true, then you are not approaching the problem correctly.  The nicotine is not the primary reason you smoke, the one reason that keeps you smoking, is the stubborn thought that you will lose more if you quit.  The fact is, you gain everything by not smoking.

Gain Everything By Smoking Cessation

The third step is all the small things you used to do smoking, must be new and improved as a non-smoker.   Smoking cessation will continue and prosper as you constantly evolve back in your non-smoking self.  Why fight your smoking plan when you can embrace your non-smoking self once again?

Your health will improve, your finances will find a face lift, and be eased by your lifestyle change.  Smoking cessation will continue when you find ways to go bowling and not smoke between games.  A new event will occur, and you will find ways to make that smoking time even better as you continue your path to smoking cessation.  I can’t tell you want that will be, as only you can find the things you love to do, and make them more of a priority.  Smoking is not a love, but a large wall to happiness.

The times you find smoking comforting, now need to be reviewed.  Why is it comforting?  Analyze why you smoke when you do, and you will find when you smoked, you were actually in jail by nicotine, and not free to be different, unique, spontaneous, or happy.  All the times you thought before that you must smoke, are now open windows of time where new possibilities can be explored.  Your smoking cessation must continue with positive changes, as the quit is always not losing anything, but gaining back your life.

Quit Smoking Stress

The most stressful part to your quit smoking plan, is the decision to quit.  The step is very much a scary and large stress filled component of your quit.  No matter how hard you have had to envision yourself as a non-smoker, the smoker in you is really hell bent on staying afraid, and the… Continue Reading

Where Smoking All Starts

The tobacco plant If you were to directly inject nicotine, the drug in the tobacco plant(nicotiana), it would instantly kill you.  The close cousin of the tobacco plant, the nightshade plant(hyoscyamus niger, is a deadly poison.  Not many insects can use the tobacco plant for food, they all have died trying, until they came up… Continue Reading

Find a Focus to Your Quit

You are just as capable as any scientist or doctor to cure your smoking habit. Should you believe you will do it, and that it is possible, not one hurdle will stop you from bringing this to life. You have to believe in the event.  Your new life must have a firm foundation, or your… Continue Reading

Quit Smoking Excuse #3

I enjoy smoking so much, I don’t want to give up my one pleasure Ok, so you will allow yourself to believe smoking is a joyful experience, instead of a great steak dinner, a walk on the beach with your wife, dancing with your daughter on her wedding day, a cruise to Alaska in your… Continue Reading

Quit Today and Jump for Joy!

You have finally decided to quit! All I can say is WOW!  Deciding to Quit is the hardest step.  You have built a huge stockade of reasons over the years to keep smoking.  All your smoking days have been built in your mind as the reasons you must keep smoking.  The very fact that you… Continue Reading

Some silly ideas that need your attention

You might think, that cigarettes make you calm.  What a false claim!  When that little nicotine monster inside of you scratches at your belly, and asks for more, are you feeling panicked?  Nervous, unsure?  What if your monster cannot be fed immediately?  Do you break out into a sweat?  The fact is, you are probably… Continue Reading

Excuses, excuses, excuses….

The biggest reason we allow excuses to rule the mental air, is we are afraid.  Yes, you are afraid of the fact that you cannot quit, and that you will fail.  So what?  You have nothing to lose!  If you continue to smoke, always regretting your smoking, and never giving it a try, you are… Continue Reading