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Why Smoking Kills More than Your Lung Tissue

Smoking kills more than just your healthy lung tissue, it also is a leading killer of initiative and productivity in the world.  Many smokers spend more time chasing the time to spend smoking, versus focusing on the wonders of their skills, talents and positive gains in life.  If one week can prove to you, as a smoker, that smoking kills your initiative more than you may realize, would you try it?  In other words, if you would quit for one week, and see how much time you capture back from your smoking schedule, would you take the change and see the results?  Smokers are really not aware of their lives and the time they spend together as a wasted amount of time. The time spent smoking, is in fact, a relaxing and quiet time, to break and refresh one-self, and one’s soul.  The goodness of this break allows a smoker a chance to “breathe” more or less, and take some time to just be.  This is a wonderful gift that we all can create-without letting nicotine and the time being wasted on a loss of awareness.

Smoking Kills your Dreams

When you were little, you didn’t tell adults when they asked you, that you wanted to be a banker, or a assembly worker, or a smoker.  You told them you wanted to be a doctor, a fireman, a singer, an actor, or a rich race car driver.  You dreamed you wanted to chase a career of fulfillment and action.  You wanted to make a difference.  You were ready to do more, and become a positive person, who knew that smoking kills.  You were taught to avoid the crush of cigarettes, and nicotine.  You were always telling other adults around you that smoking kills.  You knew it!  Now, as an adult, you had some past challenges, and you never got to try out for the comedy club, or the cooking school, or the audition at the theater.  You had some challenges, and you got stuck.  You found out that life was not only a challenge, but that it was really hard.  Who cares that smoking kills, you tried it as an young adult, and you liked it.  Your mind liked it a lot.   Why did they ever try to stop you?  Everything they told you about you could do anything you wanted, turned out to be untrue.  You certainly could be right about the fact that smoking kills is a lie too, right?

Wrong.  Dead wrong.  Not only did you give up far too easily, but now you feel bad about it.  Yes, you have dropped your dream.  Why not drop your health and your initiative too?  Why not just enjoy the ride?  Who cares about the consequence?  It is your body, and the fact that smoking kills is a marketing scheme.   You keep telling yourself this story, and ride through your youth, smoking and learning to spout out the excuse whenever it is convenient.  Your body is suffering, but so is your soul.  Your soul is the biggest loser in the fact that smoking kills.

Smoking Kills your Chances to Change

When you smoke, you are stuck in a lifestyle of chasing the chance to keep your nicotine levels at a decent happy spot or marker for your addiction.  You never are loose or away from this crush of need.  Your life is driven to keeping your nic fix at a point of reassurance.  At some point, you knew that smoking kills your healthy lung tissue, but also, now you are realizing that it kills your ability to keep up and do what you want in life.  Your class schedule is active and busy, but not too busy so you can keep up with just a smoke here and there.  You are spending time and money to keep this trigger on your life, and to have a small stop sign here and there to evade your real goals and dreams.  Begin again, by realizing that smoking kills not just your health, but your opportunity to shine.  It is a wall, a fence on your positive self.  Begin again!

Smoking Kills your Ability to Love

When you are constantly chasing something, you can’t begin to become aware.  Your change in life always is broken by the fact that you must continue to finish your current path, and keep up with the status quo.  Your current path will lead you to realize that smoking kills not just your life, but your goals and any goodness that you can bring to human kind.  Be yourself, but do not continue your path of loss of control. Become a winner of sorts by realizing how much smoking kills in your life and in your ability to love yourself.