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Fear will Not Motivate You to Quit

Fear is a word we all can understand, as even predatory animals fear other predators, and prey lives in a constant state of fear.  The reality of fear is that it will trigger your flight or fight response, and thus begin your natural stress hormones to course through your body.  No amount of reasoning then, will stop the flow, just a bit of time to the end of the process completes.  With anti smoking campaigns in full swing, the marketing manager will often create a campaign of fear and logical scientific data.  This never works for a non-smoker who is trying to emerge, as the fear is already gnawing and growing in them, they need less fear not more.

Fear Campaigns Create a Block

ashtray reusedStop smoking campaigns that create fear by explaining death is on its way, are not good resources for smokers who want to quit.  The fear associated with the quit is not helpful as it only creates a feeling of loss, and pain.  When you are quitting, you need to be assured that the days ahead will be positive and full of value due to your quit.  Without a loss of fear, and empowerment to the smoker, there is no value in showing organs in stages of disease, jaws or facial abnormalities, or even a cancer survivor from smoking.  The best campaigns are those that show freedom, happiness, contentment, empowerment, beauty in being a non smoker, and complete understanding of value in the quit.  When a smoker sees the quit and the future as a loss, any kind of loss, especially during a parade of fear laced images and stories, they will never quit.

Why Quit When Fear Proves Loss

Any story of fear and loss from a quit only showcases the fact that a non smoking future is in fact that, a loss of much, and a place of pain, sadness, anxiety, drama, and tension.  When you build on a feeling of this, with a story of ultimate gore and pain, it is not a good response.  Only good forecast ahead will create the right frame of mind you need to become the non smoker you are, once again.  Stop looking at the future as bleak, and it won’t be.  Stop seeing the loss of smoking as a giant tension and stress monger, and it will not be.  Keep your mind in the frame of beauty and finally complete control of your life, and it will be.  Keep loss as the truth that it is, by stopping the control of nicotine, and the control of smoking strain on your life.  When you find the beauty of peace and quiet empowerment of holding on to your life as one that keeps you happy without a cigarette, you have made the path to fulfillment.

Fear will stop you in the end

If you consistently rely on fear as your excuse, you will never move forward into the person you want to become.  Being in fear will only begin your day as it was, and you will never be able to change into the butterfly you hope and aspire to be in the end.  If you have a will to be the motivating and loving person that acknowledges fear, but never lets it win, you will be allowed to become the beautiful creature that you intend.